Anteri Brothers & Sons Meats

High-Quality Meat

Anteri Brothers & Sons Meats is a new generation of old fashion butchers serving only high-quality meat. At Anteri Meats, we are proud of our reputation in the business and are thankful to all our faithful customers who have been coming to us all these years. The key to our success has been our commitment to providing customers with quality products, good value for their money and friendly service.

USDA Prime Black Angus Beef

All meat stocked at our shop is USDA Prime. Most other shops and grocery stores serve cows, which are fed genetically modified corn. Our prime beef comes from cattle steers, not cows, which are corn fed for 60 days with farm fresh corn. The result is a high quality meat that is exceptionally tender and bursting with flavor.



Anteri Meats stocks only farm grown Yield One lambs. Yield grades are used to determine the quantity of retail cuts that can be expected from a single lamb. What that boils down to is how much “meat” you can get from a single lamb. Yield One lambs are the leanest, meaning a higher muscle to fat ratio. Lean cuts of lamb are high quality meat products that are recognized for several health benefits including richness in omega 3s and B vitamins. Plus, it’s just plain tasty.

Organic Poultry

Bell & Evans chickens are all organic and antibiotic free. Fed on an exclusively vegetarian diet free of growth hormones and rich in amino acids, Bell & Evans chickens are committed to setting a standard for naturally high quality meat.

Try our all natural gluten-free chicken burgers, made with 100% tender juicy breast meat and no breadcrumb filler.



Hatfield Pork

You’ll go hog wild for our fine selection of quality pork. From high-class English Berkshire hogs prized for their moist flavorful meat to Hatfield Hogs noted for their commitment to humane animal welfare.

Grab a loin for your holiday party, some ribs for your barbeque, or some chops for a delicious family meal.

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